We are trying to explain the answer to the question of what will happen if he sees the pictures I am talking to, but the words are inadequate, we need to develop a formula for the other to understand.

I compare it to voting.
You know when you're voting, it doesn't seem to have much meaning on its own, it makes sense when it comes together. You can find the answer to the question what happens here, this data as if it is not a single thing. but collectively something very important.

You cannot elect the power you want with one vote on your own, you experience the results of other people's elections and the results directly affect your life.

heh, these data are the same. the results will directly affect your life.

This is a social issue, you should not think as an individual and you should inform as many people as possible and explain that the situation is as important as voting.

You should even explain that voting and giving this data are almost the same thing, everyone should know ...
The game with different operators added every year. Do you ask if you throw your own hologram from space, do you think plastic but bulletproof electric shield, do you think it is a device that washes water and destroy a wall, there are a lot of operators with space age technology like this, but come and see, my favorite is sledge. what have you got bro sledgehammer and grenade ... enough.
one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. During the pandemic, the share price fell to $ 140. Current price $ 190
jokes based on racism, humiliation, religious jokes, and things that many people believe or cannot choose
Contrary to popular belief, they are chemicals called neurotransmitters that communicate between neurons, not hormones.

It is known to be important in motivation, but that doesn't always mean too much dopamine = extra motivation.
neuroscientist, founder of psychoanalysis. interesting personality. his unconscious experiments, the methods he uses in his treatments, are interesting. he's a doctor, and the most important trigger in his inventions is ambition. he falls in love with a woman and goes into these jobs for fame and money so that he can marry her. medical use of cocaine also occurs along this path. he uses cocaine to treat his morphine addiction. he even immediately prescribes it to all his symptomatic patients as an antpidepresan, and he also uses it himself and becomes addicted. he also prescribes cocaine to his morphine addict friend, and his friend dies at a young age because he is addicted to both morphine and cocaine at the end of the day. freud is an interesting personality whose life is as full of success and failures as his inventions.
It is a banknote whose expenditure is cruelty. never seen in the market. if you give this banknote in europe (i speak for germany, france, benelux) you will be rejected 99%. Even a 100 euro banknote is hardly available. The most comfortable for daily use is the 20 euro denominations. When you pay 50 euros to the cashier in the grocery store, the security comes and checks its reality.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881 – 10 November 1938) was a Turkish field marshal, revolutionary statesman, author, and the founding father of the Republic of Turkey, serving as its first president from 1923 until his death in 1938. He undertook sweeping progressive reforms, which modernized Turkey into a secular, industrial nation. Deologically a secularist and nationalist, his policies and theories became known as Kemalism. Due to his military and political accomplishments, Atatürk is regarded as one of the most important political leaders of the 20th century

Atatürk came to prominence for his role in securing the Ottoman Turkish victory at the Battle of Gallipoli (1915) during World War I.[8] Following the defeat and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, he led the Turkish National Movement, which resisted mainland Turkey's partition among the victorious Allied powers. Establishing a provisional government in the present-day Turkish capital Ankara (known in English at the time as Angora), he defeated the forces sent by the Allies, thus emerging victorious from what was later referred to as the Turkish War of Independence. He subsequently proceeded to abolish the decrepit Ottoman Empire and proclaimed the foundation of the Turkish Republic in its place.

As the president of the newly formed Turkish Republic, Atatürk initiated a rigorous program of political, economic, and cultural reforms with the ultimate aim of building a modern, progressive and secular nation-state. He made primary education free and compulsory, opening thousands of new schools all over the country. He also introduced the Latin-based Turkish alphabet, replacing the old Ottoman Turkish alphabet. Turkish women received equal civil and political rights during Atatürk's presidency. In particular, women were given voting rights in local elections by Act no. 1580 on 3 April 1930 and a few years later, in 1934, full universal suffrage.

His government carried out a policy of Turkification, trying to create a homogeneous and unified nation. Under Atatürk, non-Turkish minorities were pressured to speak Turkish in public; non-Turkish toponyms and last names of minorities had to be changed to Turkish renditions. The Turkish Parliament granted him the surname Atatürk in 1934, which means "Father of the Turks", in recognition of the role he played in building the modern Turkish Republic.[17] He died on 10 November 1938 at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, at the age of 57;he was succeeded as President by his long-time Prime Minister Ismet Inonu and was honored with a state funeral. His iconic mausoleum in Ankara, built and opened in 1953, is surrounded by a park called the Peace Park in honor of his famous expression "Peace at Home, Peace in the World".

source : wikipedia
Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that cannot be produced by the human body and must be obtained through your diet, primarily from animal or plant based protein sources. Tryptophan was discovered in the early 1900s after it was isolated from casein, a protein found in milk. Its molecular structure was determined a few years later.

Tryptophan plays a role in the production of serotonin, a mood stabilizer, melatonin, which helps regulate sleep patterns, niacin or vitamin B-3, and nicotinamide also known as vitamin B-6.

Over-the-counter use of synthetic tryptophan supplements were banned in the United States starting in 1989. However, tryptophan supplements were re-introduced in 2001 and are now available.

Why You Need Tryptophan
Tryptophan has the lowest concentration in the body of any amino acid, yet, it is vital for a wide variety of metabolic functions that affect your mood, cognition, and behavior.

Tryptophan elimination experiments have shown that tryptophan has a beneficial impact on:

memory skills
visual cognition
Aggression control.
Research trials have shown it to have possible benefits when treating sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder, premenstrual discomfort, and for reducing anxiety when quitting smoking. However, there is some disagreement on these results, indicating that more research is needed.

There is a common belief that tryptophan causes drowsiness. This has been associated with the U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving, where people who celebrate it report feeling tired after eating. Studies suggest that there may be some connection. Consuming large meals stimulates the production of insulin, and insulin clears the bloodstream of all amino acids except for tryptophan. In effect, insulin clears a path that can flood the brain with tryptophan.

However, there is uncertainty as to whether tryptophan causes this drowsiness. Insulin and large amounts of carbohydrates can also cause it. Additionally, there are other foods that contain more tryptophan than turkey, however, they aren't associated with drowsiness.

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by humans. It is typically found in both plant and animal based proteins. Most people consume more than double the amount that is actually needed, typically getting 900-1000 milligrams per day, while the US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 250-425 milligrams per day.

After going with someone who knows the business, I started to pay close attention both here and in mcdonalds. As soon as the cashier puts it on the tray, I check the temperature of the potato. I change it in the hot enough although it is not my temperament The paper on which the hamburger is wrapped says how long it should be consumed. If it has passed, I am giving it back. Finally, since no one is looking into the hamburger, they fill the rotten lettuce, and I change that. The bad part is that it
always comes to me. They don't even pay attention because the consumer is like a lamb. I hope that if the number of conscious consumers increases due to this input, they will pay more attention to the product they give.
substance with chemical formula c10h12n2o.

To increase this naturally, you should eat:

chocolate, milk protein (tryptophan), vitamin B12 (salmon fish, egg, yogurt, meat, oat etc.), vitamin D (sun light, enriched milk or soy milk, egg yolk, fish bone, etc.)
regardless of the topic, a platform where you can open the title anytime you want and comment on that topic as you wish.
a desert forest full of deciduous trees. the air must be closed. Even while I was describing I was saddened.