We are trying to explain the answer to the question of what will happen if he sees the pictures I am talking to, but the words are inadequate, we need to develop a formula for the other to understand.

I compare it to voting.
You know when you're voting, it doesn't seem to have much meaning on its own, it makes sense when it comes together. You can find the answer to the question what happens here, this data as if it is not a single thing. but collectively something very important.

You cannot elect the power you want with one vote on your own, you experience the results of other people's elections and the results directly affect your life.

heh, these data are the same. the results will directly affect your life.

This is a social issue, you should not think as an individual and you should inform as many people as possible and explain that the situation is as important as voting.

You should even explain that voting and giving this data are almost the same thing, everyone should know ...